At the outset of the project, we developed an art pipeline that didn't match the day-to-day reality of our developers. To standardized our work practices and prevent additional miscommunications, I worked with individual members of the team to figure out the necessary steps to get an asset from an artist's brain into the game. The resulting pipeline is below.

art pipeline

Core Principles



When working with the team to make this pipeline, we wanted it to be as simple as possible. The previous iteration had too many steps, and as a result many team members did not follow it. Due to this pipeline's simplicity, it had greater usage.



To improve consistency in art style, this pipeline highlights consulting the guide and art lead.


Emphasis on AGILE Hygiene

As an inexperienced team, many members struggled with agile practices. To help teach, I included good agile practices within the pipeline, like checking out the highest priority task and updating the scrum board upon completing a task.