About Me

I’ve always gravitated towards teams. As a kid, I played volleyball and tennis, with a bit of soccer thrown in for good measure. Fast forward a few years and I found myself taking to the Internet to start creative writing groups and work with flash game developers. These days, I look forward to a career spent coaching and guiding teams towards incredible products.

My Production Philosophy

I invest in people. I care about my teams, and I advocate for and support them any way I can. Sometimes that means comforting team members as they share problems about their lives outside work; other times, it means giving critical feedback so developers can learn and grow.

Structure matters. From communication channels and pipelines to leads meetings and the daily scrum, I support teams by collaborating with them to develop personnel-adapted structure. A good team utilizes consistent processes to create phenomenal results, and as your producer, project manager, or scrum master, I’ll work with you to determine which processes are best for us.

Want to get to know me better? Send me an email at hershallcook@gmail.com.