Hershall Cook

Hershall Cook


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With two years experience leading cross-functional agile teams from concept to launch, I am a certified Scrum Master with expertise in conflict resolution, managing outward communication, and identifying and resolving dependencies.


Recent Game Projects


Circuit Slinger

Circuit Slinger is a virtual reality rhythm game where you purge corrupted code to a beat. I was the Co-Producer and UX Producer on this project.


FrostRunner is a “speedrunning” first person platformer developed by a 14 person team. I was the UX Producer.

Interstellar Racing League

Interstellar Racing League is a local multiplayer, futuristic racing game developed by a 60 person team. I was the Producer for the environment team and also served in a data support role.


Colorless is an isometric, teleportation-centric puzzle game developed for Android. I worked as the Asst. Game Designer and as a Level Designer.


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Thanks for checking out my portfolio. Whether you have interest, questions, or just want to say hello, feel free to drop me a line.

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